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- Park de lux -

"Breitgefächert"  MiniDisc Inlaycard

             - 1998 -

original "Breitgefächert" Album Tracks

             - 1998 -


produced and recorded by

Guido Meyer /Alexander Seewald / Peter Pogrezeba

Worms  1998

Yamaha AN 1x

Trouble Maker - Park de lux
Microdot - Park de lux

Word of Mouth - Park de lux

Charleston - Park de lux

Park de lux - Park de lux
Antiloop - Park de lux
6 Days off - Park de lux

Roland MC 303 Groovebox

Quasimid Technox

The Theme - Park de lux
I.Q. Nation - Park de lux

All for Bajor - Park de lux

In 1998 I wanted to make a more danceable kind of Music following the Trend of the 90ies.

But this Time I was not alone. Alexander Seewald (today known under the Name "Doc Atmosphere Crush") - a Friend of mine- became very curious about making Music these Day`s . Also a Guy I used to hang around with - Peter Pogrezeba - hab some Sort of  a Sampler , Synthesizer and some Effects .

Both of them had no proper musical background , neither they could play an Instrument.

Nonetheless they were very Important , creative and helpfull. They thwart me when I put to much of - for example-  Melodies into the Tracks. Peter had good Ideas on how to use the Effects and Alex played and recorded his first Lines here and there.


Of course we needed Equipment  and of course we didn`t had  enough of this.

I owned a Yamaha AN 1X  and a Roland Groove Box that Time and Peter had some Effects and Stuff,...anyway not enough for some proper Recordings.  So we gatherd all Sorts of Synths ,Samplers and Effects we could get from other Musicians and Friends.


We ended up with quite some Equipment we could have borrowed for 3 Months. So that was our Timelimit then. I handed both of the Guys a Key for my Appartment , so they could work while I was at work,


The Results were very mixed. From Melodic almost comercial Techno to underground Breakbeat. So we made a cut and selected  the best of them.

The Album was named "Breitgefächert"  (german for "wide ranged")  and was never published. We had some Airplay at the those Day`s famous Dave Wakemann Show on the Pirate Station  "EVOSONIC" .


After that Alex started with his own Music and Peter went to Newseeland.

Korg DDD 1 Drummachine

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