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composed between 2000-2004

produced from Jan.-May 2004 in Bern

All Music & Instruments by Guido Meyer

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

Photos by Ruth Brunner

In Memory of Norbert Steil

In 2003 I moved from Germany to Switzerland . The last time I had composed or recorded Music was a couple of years ago. And actually I more or less stept away from that whole Musicthing at all.

But still during all these years I always composed bit's and pieces now and then , and so after a while I actually had a huge Pile (also already Parts for "Lightyears") of unfinished Tracks and Ideas.

Yet, I had absolutely no Plans to do something serious with the Material.

One Day I played some of the "Episodes 1" Tracks to Ruth Brunner - A former  colleague and big Music Fan-  and She liked it so much  so She never stoped  to encourage me to publish these old Recordings and also produce some new Tracks.

And so,...I started once again.


My Studio in my new Appartment in Bern was pretty well equipet. I had 5 different Guitars , Synthesizers and several Effect - Compressor and Enhancer Units.

But the most Important Purchase was the Yamaha AW16 G  16 Track Digital Recorder.

When I learned to work with the Harddiskrecorder , it sometimes made me wish I had this tool back in 1987 , already.

Finally I was able to record Track by Track  in real good Soundquality.


I brought back the Guitar into my Music , my Play had Improved a lot by now .


 And  "Towards the blue Horizon" turned out to be one of the best Albums I ever did.

Yamaha AW 16G

Promo Card 2004

A typical Meyer Makeshift Studio Bern 2004

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