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Recording Lightyears 2005

Music composed between 1999-2004

recorded and produced Jan.-Jun. 2005

in Bern/Switzerland

All Synths, Guitars , Programming and producion by Guido Meyer

Samples by Alexander Seewald, Manuel Bumb

and Guido Meyer

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

CD Inlay Artikel by Alex Seewald

Conditions for Musicians and also for the Musicindustry were changing after the Millenium.

With the Rise of  Mp3`s , legal and Illegal Download Sites and Companys like " CD Baby" which allowes the independent Artist to publish what ever he wants no matter how less mainstream the Music is .

"Towards the blue horizon" was the first Album I released on CD Baby , briefly followed by "Episodes 1" . Other Disrtibuters followed  and my Music found it's way as MP3's on  "iTunes" and "Napster".


A Fan  - Jared White - from California created and run my first Homepage   ""


I was carrying Ideas , Riffs and Melodies  for "Lighyears" inside of me like a pregnant Woman. Collecting them since 1999 . I had this idea for a concept Album about the End of our Sunsystem in about 5-7 Billion Years. My Friend Alex Seewald purposely wrote a little Artikel about the Subjekt which was printed inside the CD Inlaycard.


The Recordings pushed my small Studio to it's Limits .

With  only 16 Tracks to record , I was forced to do Ping Pong Tracking  and I did lot's of it.

Never before I had played so many Overdubs ,..


Lightyears became one of my best and  most succsessfull  Albums and was very positive recived in the World of  New Age- and Electronic Music , was released in 2005.

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