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In 1995 I was concerned with other matters besides making Music. A Year later in `96 I felt a great Desire to compose new Tracks again. After leaving the Parents House , I lived in my own small Appartment now, witch was very helpfull because there was only Me and Nobody was disturbing or being disturbed!

Somehow I have not to much Memorys about the Composing and Recording anymore.

What I know is that again I was pretty much out of Equipment and again,...guess who,...Gerhard Müller was there to borrow me his Atari Computer and a Keyboard.But most of the used Sounds were from the KORG 05/RW I just bought those Day's.

Some Tracks must have been -at least partwise - writen ,already . I only had 3 Months Time after that  I had to focus on other Things besides Music again. And also Gerhard wanted his Atari back.


I think"Installations"shows a slight Progress of my Skills in composing .  The Track "Gazah Strpe" contains a part sounding very ethnical , middel east folkloristic for example.

Like "Episodes"  this Music was only made for myselfe , sure I showed it around , but had no Intents to release or publish.

Installations on the one hand marks the End of  an Area and also was the beginning of a long abscence in Music for me .

Like "Episodes 1&2" before , Installations was published 10 years later in 2006 the first Time.

composed and produced by

Guido Meyer 1996 in Worms.

Digital Re-Master and Release 2006

Cover Arty by Markus Meyer

Korg 05/RW

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