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Composed and recorded 1993

Re-recorded 2008 by Guido Meyer

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

After a break of 3 Years I was back into the Music in 1993. The MIDI Technology was nothing new anymore back then,..but for a young always with the Money struggeling Musician it was finally affordable. From Gerhard Müller I bought an ATARI 1040 ST and to make a long Story short, that was the beginnig of a very long Friendship.

And the same goes for the Software , The Steinberg Cubase .Even I only had a "light edition"It worked perfect to me.

To me who had never worked with Computersequencing allowing you to create Music in really the way you want, it was like my Dream came true!

That was exactly the Equipment I needed to do what I wanted to do.


The Music itselfe remindes more of Classical Stuff . Those Day's I was very much into Tunes from Isao Tomita and so I found my Way to Classical Composers like Holst or Prokofiev.

And of Course Philp Glass .Which explains the "ss" in the Glassforest.

Original Tape recording 1993

The Glassforest part I - 1993
The Glassforest part II - 1993

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