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Produced by Guido Meyer

Mixed by Guido Meyer & Gerhard Müller

MFE Studio Worms Weinsheim  1990

Original Tape Inlay  1990

Homerecording Studio 1988 - 1990

TEAC 144 4 Track Recorder

First Guitar Amp and 4 x 12 Box

Escape from the Darklands actually was the 3rd Demotape but unlike the first two Demos this Time it had a proper Title. It was the last Time I did 4 Track Recording and also the last Demotape . Even my “Studio” and Equipment was slowly growing ,again I still coudn’t make it without the Support of Gerhard Müller and also Alexander Hammer’s Mum who owned a huge portable Keyboard. I could convince her to hand it to me for 3 Weeks (after that she wanted it back) and again I was under Timepressure while recording.But in the End I made it.

Two long Tracks instead of many short ones this Time , except for Marc & Susi. A Track I wrote for two good Friends of mine those Day’s.

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