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All Music by Guido Meyer

Recorded on Tape 1994

Digital Re-Master and Release 2004

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

Episode 1 actually is my first Recording deserving the Name "Album". After the first Steps with The Glassforest making Music now with the Sequencer Support of an Atari Computer , In 1994 I was really into it. My Equipment for Episodes 1 and 2 was very straight and simple but even so very efficent.

The Atari  , 2  Synths from Kawai - K1 II and KC20 and the Alesis D4 Drummodule.

I recorded straight to one of my Tapedecks , no 16 Channel or Stuff . Straight to the Stereotrack.

The Music turned out to be very well and complex composed and arranged . Mostly very powerfull Tracks with a lot of changes going on in Rhytm and Melodie. In those Day's I also had another musical Projekt  ( The Forgotten ) running , where I exclusively played Guitar , so in my private Music I only focused on Synthesizers.

Kawai KC 20

Kawai K1 II

The mighty Atari ,.."

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