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All music by Guido Meyer

Recorded in 1994

Digital Remaster  and Release 2004

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

When I recorded Episodes back in 1994 , there was no Split between  1 & 2. The Tracks were just called " Episodes " .  Some of them  still had a bit of a classical Touch  like on" The Glassforest", while others sounded more like 80ies Tangerine Dream.

Also there is to say that I had no desire to publish some of this! I made this Tracks just for me.

When I finally decided to release the Episodes ten years later in 2004 I decided to devide them into 2 Albums.

The first 3 Tracks on Episodes 2 is actually  a Triology and the musical Core of  the whole Album. " Performa " was a more Progressive Dance Piece  fitted neither into 1 nor 2 but I had to put it somewhere. For a Full Album 3 Tracks seemed a bit less , so I added it  just like "Black Angel".  A single Track from 1995.

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