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All Track composed by Guido Meyer

All Instruments by Guido Meyer

Produced by Mathias Bachmann

Recorded at the Föhn Studio 1987

Everybody has to start somewhere! ,..I remember at the age of 14 writing down some Sketches of the first Pieces of Music I wrote these Days ,...only on my acoustic Guitar.

My Fist Keyboard was a portable mini from Yamaha.

So what do you do if you wanna be a recording Artist having a lack in recording Equipment?

Mathias Bachmann was a guy I knew who owned himself a Fostex 4 Track Tape Recorder and a Keyboard,too. So whenever he spared a little Time for me (and he never had much) , I jumped the next Bus to make it to his House a.s.a.p.  to record my first Tracks.


Consider that this Music was recorded on a Fostex 4 Track Tape Recorder in 1987.

And so is the Soundquality. Also the Music itselfe is as simple as it can be , played Mistakes where left on the Recordings because of lack of time , timing is incorrect,..etc.

Like I said,.. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Original MusiCassette Inlay 1987

Kay SG Copy and Grandpa's Acoustic, first Guitars

1987 with Hohner Les Paul , 3rd Guitar

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