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All Tracks composed by Guido Meyer

All Instruments, Production and arrangement by Guido Meyer 

Recorded from 2. - 19. May  1988 at

Home Self Studio / Worms -Weinsheim

After the Recordings of my 1st Demotape I noticed how essential a own Recording Unit would be. So I grabbed  all the Money I had and bought myselfe a  used TEAC 4 Track Recorder.

Back in 1988 I was happy to at least have the oportunity to record when ever I liked.

Sure , there was High End Studio Technologie available these Day's , but for an 17 year old Dude that was all way to expensive and I could only Dream of  professional Sound.

So I worked with what I had. Still I had no real Synthesizers and again without the Help and Support of Gerhard Müller (a good Friend of mine those Day's) the Demotape 2 surely wouldn't be possible. Gerhard lend me a Korg MS 20 and Korg Poly 800 Synthesizer and also his Commodore C64 with Monitor and a Programm (on Datasette!) to create a Drummachine, you could play on the Computer Key's ! No Sequencing and nothing. Also obviuos is that my Guitarplay still needed Improvement .

Anyway, by listening to the Tracks - no matter how bad the Quality is- it is plain to see where my Style of Music was going to,..

Original Cassette Inlay 1988

Gerhard Müller's  Korg MS 20 and Poly 800

Commodore C64 Computer for the Drums

Guido 1988

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