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composed 2005 - 2006

recorded Okt. 2006 in Bern

Synths, Guitars ,Programming and Samples by Guido Meyer

"Shine On" Liverecording by Georg Birner

Cue Records Open Air 2006

Cover Art by Markus Meyer

"Cyscoop" from 2006 was a Mini Album, contains 4 new Studio Tracks and a Liveversion of

"Shine On" from "Towards the blue Horizon".

I added some new Synths - The Waldorf Micro Q and the Kawai K4 Rackversion - and to improve the Guitarsounds I bought a Vox Ampsimulator. Besides my own Guitars I also used a Fender Stratocaster ,         a kindly Loan from Andy Brühlmann.


The Tracks were rather straight and clear. Not so overloaded like I did for example on Lightyears.

Kawai k4r

Vox Tone Lab

Waldorf Micro Q

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