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Composed , produced and recorded from Okt.-2006 - May 2007 in Bern/Switzerland

Mixdown and Master Jul./Aug. 2007

Coverart by Markus Meyer

The Work for "Connected to the Dead" was a challenge and  Experiment.

Usually I composed the Music first before recording it. This Time the Act of composing and recording more or less happend at the same Time.

I broke up my regular Way of working on Music and tryed something different.


The Idea for the Title came from one of my own Childhood Memory.

My Aunt back in the 1970 and 80ies was into this so called "Tape Phenomenon" and was apparently talking to People who had past away,...The Dead.


Based on these rather spooky Memorys , I started to write the Music arround the Themes like  "In Memory" or "Paranormal Activity".


I made use of some rather odd Instruments like  Glockenspiel and Windchimes just like I recorded some wired Sounds out of Coffecups , Waterglasses ,Woodshakers etc,..

For the Track "Meeting Amely" I had the friendly Support from Stefanie Haller speaking the Words in the middle and the End of the Track with her soft Voice .


The whole Album spreads a deep dark and mystical Atmosphere.

The Instruments from "The other Side"

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