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Both "Episodes" cds are remasters of two oldies from 1994 by Guido Meyer from Germany. His latest release, "Towards The Blue Horizont", was awarded 4,5 stars by me so I was very curious about these discs. They do not disappoint although they are not as good as "Horizon".
Clearly, "Episode 1 & 2" are earlier works and here Meyer is still searching to add variety to his style. Most tracks are rather monotonous without too many alternations. This in itself evokes a pleasant drone-like effect but each of these tracks is in danger of becoming too drawn-out to maintain its grasp on the listener’s attention. This typical EM music from the late eighties and early nineties is slightly reminiscent of Peru in their "poppier" guise, which is not a bad comparison in itself.
If you liked the last cd by our friend Guido it should be worth your while to listen to these two discs, and I especially recommend part 2 because it contains somewhat stronger compositions.

André de Waal /

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