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April 1, 2010

Guido Meyer – Durathon “Guitar Ambience On Fire”


If you’re not familiar with Guido Meyer and his music, then let me tell you this. It goes without saying that Guido “guitar maestro” Meyer knows what he’s doing here. This guy knows how to cast a spell on both E-guitars and Electronic music equipment. Guido has released quite a few Instrumental guitar driven EM albums in the past few years, and this one is no different to those, or is it? I would say, Yes!.

Guido Meyer has matured alot since the release of ‘Towards the Blue Horizon’ and ‘Lightyears’. The sound is heavier this time with a more raw guitar approach.The track ‘Durathon’ is such a track, and a hell of an infectious one it is!. It’s my favorite track and totally amazed me at 1st listen, and still does (after many many listenings) with it’s great rhythmic guitar sound along with some electronic sounds that keeps the excitement going on a high level. Next track ‘Mechanix’ is another winning piece that is kind of like a follow-up to ‘Durathon’ in my ears. Slightly more drums & bass and a even rockier edge is what you will hear. Fans of ‘Maxxess’ and ‘Phil Odins’ will find lots to indulge on this track, it’s simply awesome!. After these two tracks the pace gets slower and we find ourselfes in a another ‘territory’. ‘Square Circles” is pretty much about piano and sequencing, it sounds a bit like Rene Splinter’s music, especially the sequencing parts. The track ‘Ginalytic’ is almost a bit industrial/electro sounding at first glance, but later it incorporates some other interesting sounds that builds the track up very nicely all the way through. Later the track ‘The Ewinger’ bounces in and kicks off with a heavy rhythm, and  is soon accompanied by lush electronic sounds that makes this track another winner. The flow is awesome and it builds nicely with many different distinctive synth sounds that washes over you as you listen. This track showcases that Guido is capable of not only playing the E-guitar, but he also knows how to make cracking Electronic music in his own way, sounding like nobody else but himself. The last track is called ‘Lightning Man’, and what a way to finish this, so far, excellent album!. A moody beat appears with some long atmospheric sounds, and is soon followed by a another clear synth sound, indicating the lush and serene sounds that follows throughout the whole track. Not my favorite track, but a great way to round off such a fantastic album!. Highly Recommened album for fellow Maxxess & Meyer fans, but also for fans who want to explore a new territory in instrumental music, with a tasty mix of E-guitars and electronic music. 5 stars out of 5 from me. Another brilliant Guido Meyer album!

Tangrams Musicblog , Kristian (Sweden) Razor 78.

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