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Soaring Guitars Through The Speakers!


Another well-crafted guitar oriented album by Guido Meyer is what we have here. And I can't say that I'm dissapointed a bit!!

Here you will find his one of his best guitar experimentation so far, with perhaps the exception of the album "Towards the Blue Horizon" (which I gave 5 stars on Amazon). Guido really showcases how a crisp and clear guitar could sound like, or should I say should?

Every song is a winner, especially the song Supervision & Ultralight, and the sound quality is better than ever, and this is supposed to be some of his "unreleased" material, which normally doesn't sound this good!

This is an album I highly recommend to those who are looking for something in the vein of Tangerine Dream's albums Underwater Sunlight & 220 Volt. This is pure guitar bliss from start to finish, with some keyboards/synths thrown in the mix to add to the flavour!. Excellent Work, Guido

Kristian Persson

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