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Music and Lyrics : Guido Meyer
Vocals : Sarina Liechti

                 - Emergency -


1.)  I used to be a happy Girl  with Dreams but instead

      I started hearing Voices coming out of my Head.


      The Doctors couldn`t help it  left me all on my own

      Condition got bad  as I went back home.


      I looked into the Mirror as the Picture turned black

      Accompanied by a Scream  then I went to  Bed.


      I thought I`m going crazy  and I`m loosing my Mind

      The Nightmares I had  were one of a kind.




      Emergency   ,   Emergency

      Cold Hands are reaching out for me


      The Urgency   ,  The Urgency 


      This must be


      Emergency   , Emergency

      Oh Sugar Babe can`t you see


     The  Urgency  , The  Urgency


     This must be


     Emergency   ,   Emergency 

     Deep dark and black is all I see


    The Urgency  , The   Urgency 


     This must be an ...



2. )   I`m dancing throuh the Fire  and I`m  feeling the Flame

         Got burned before but did it again


        I stumbled through the Kitchen as my Head hits the Ground

        Ended up hurt and no one around.


       As I layed there for hours and slowly went Insane

       Loosing the Faith  ,  loading the Pain


       The Doctors couldn`t help me and the Treatment was wrong

       I said to myslfe  you have to be strong .





3.)  So  I can`t  see the  Future  ,  can`t  remember the past.

      I'm  feeling so lost   but nobody asks.


     The useless Medication only puts me to sleep

     I want to get up , yet  falling so deep.


     These Cliffs look so inviting  ,  I  brush away  my Fear

     Last Letter to you , my Darling , my Dear .


     They found me in the Morning where I covered the Ground.

     And then I was gone  ,  Way In or Way out .







I`m falling through my Memories and I`m sliding through the Past


I feel like in a Movie and I'm part of the Cast


Like plunging in hot Water


Darling you have to see


This is a real Emergency




I`m scattering in Pieces  and I`m falling appart


It could have been so easy now it cuts me through the Heart


Like jumping off a Building


Darling you have to see


This is a real Emergency.

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